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Flagship Next Door Campaign

The Tiffany Flagship Next Door, a four-story space on East 57th Street, adjacent to the jeweler’s Fifth Avenue store, has taken the place of its primary location until late 2021 for renovation. The digital side of the marketing campaign to inform consumers about this move consisted of emails, digital ad banners, MMS and eCards. Using elements from the store design and brand products two motion graphic animations were created and used in the campaign.


Emails, Digital Banners, Motion Graphics


Tiffany & Co.




The first animation has the Tiffany “Airplane Bank” flying through the clouds displaying the Flagship Next Door address and the new “New York” pendant swaying below.

Footsteps are an element used to connect the old store to the Flagship Next Door to guide the visitors to the new store location in Manhattan. This has been incorporated in the second animation.


Email Campaign

These emails were designed to inform consumers about this location change.

asset4 (2).gif

Digital Campaign

Here are the digital ad banners on the New Yorker website. The video shows different banner dimensions being used on the webpage.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 1.49.17 PM.png
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